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WhatsApp Catalog -
WhatsApp E Commerce

The WhatsApp Catalog acts as a digital storefront within the app, where businesses can display their offerings with images, descriptions, prices, and other relevant details.

This is useful for companies of all sizes that may not have a separate e-commerce website but still want to engage with customers and facilitate sales online.

Easy & Quick Update

Through the Best WhatsApp Catalog provider in Bangalore, you can easily update product information, prices, and availability and add new items to keep the catalog current and accurate.

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20x Increase In Sales

Our WhatsApp Catalog helps to categorize products or services into different sections or categories for easier navigation and makes people purchase easily.

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Reason To Choose WhatsApp Catalog

Best WhatsApp Catalog Service Provider in Chennai offers you the best features.

24*7 Shopping

You can shop for your favorite product at any time, any day from your own place.

Secured Payment

You can select your chosen product, once ordered it will redirect you to the payment gateway within WhatsApp.


You will be notified for each action carried out in the WhatsApp catalog to ease tracking of your product.

Limitless Products

You can add infinite products to our catalog feature to attract your customers.

Direct Messaging

The products listed in the catalog feature have a “Message” button, that allows customers to initiate a conversation with the business directly in case of any inquiries or doubts.

Share your joy

Customers can share the listed products from your catalog with their family or friends on WhatsApp to boost your sales.

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