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With Tendigit Bulk Message service, you can effortlessly deliver tailored information to a wider audience.

Bulk Broadcast Message

Improve Business Growth

With a single tap, you can send your business promotion or latest update information simultaneously to multiple recipients.

Increase your sales by 20%

Bulk Broadcast boost your sales growth by setting up a bulk messaging campaign.

90% Open rate

WhatsApp automation sends personalized messages that increase the message open rate by 90%.

Multi-language Support

Though your customers are from varied regions, you can send messages in their language through our multi-lingual feature.

Drive Your Business With
Our Bulk Broadcast Message

WhatsApp broadcast messaging feature in WhatsApp business will easily communicate with your wider audience using tailored messages. You can design and schedule your campaign to get better results from your audience. Through our automation, you can send texts to thousands of people with a single tap and touch more efficiently.

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Reason To Choose Tendigit?

We are one of the finest official WhatsApp business service providers in India, seamlessly providing a cost-effective solution to businesses of all industries across the globe.

Fully Secured

We ensure uninterrupted communication, without any ban or block of messages or contacts.

Drives Sale

A personalized message will make your customers feel personal and that drives your sales growth by 20% more.

Clean And Modern Code

This prevents repetitive patterns from impairing the overall visual impression and facilitates the comparison of different typefaces. Furthermore, it is advantageous when the dummy text is relatively realistic.

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Some of the proven features To Run A Bulk WhatsApp Campaign

Unlimited message

You can send unlimited messages to a larger audience within a second.

Multi-lingual support

Reading text in our own language always brings a special feel, to match this vibe, we offer multi-language support in our WhatsApp.

Media support

You can share high-quality images, videos, and documents with a wider audience without affecting their quality.

Scheduling Tool

Even on your busiest days, you can send messages to your audience with our scheduling option.

100% Secure

You won’t face any ban or block of messages while sending in bulk.


Every message is customized based on your need to touch your customer’s hearts.

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